“I'm a firm believer in the school of comedy of just being yourself and talking about what's true for you. Not making up jokes that you know never happen or don't come from any truth at all. If you get on that stage and reveal yourself completely and I mean emotionally strip yourself naked so everyone can see who you are, then that's funny. If it's painful at first, well then good, true comedy is supposed to be painful. You can't always be funny all the time every second on stage but you can be interesting and entertaining”. –Steve Miller

Steve Miller is from the Philadelphia area and graduated from Temple University in May of 1994. He started his stand-up career in Los Angeles in December of 1995 at the world famous Comedy Store, where he got a job as a doorman in exchange for stage time. While living in L.A he was a regular at the Ice House Annex room in Pasadena and performed at A-list clubs such as The Laugh Factory, The Improv, and of course the Comedy Store.

After 5 years in L.A Steven decided that he really needed to develop his act and find his true voice. In November of 1999 he headed back east and worked the road. He has featured and headlined nationally in clubs and colleges throughout the country. In May of 2004 comedy eventually brought him to New York City, where he now lives and performs.

Steven's act centers on his life and family. He leaves nothing un-revealed and bears his soul to every audience, every night with pure honesty. If you like a high energy comedian with an edge, then Steven is your man. Not only is his vulnerability endearing to people and makes him likable on stage, but one of his greatest talents is working off the cuff with audiences so that they too are a part of his world. Steven is one of the most original, versatile and hilarious comedians to come out of the Philadelphia area. The audience leaves every show knowing exactly who he is and what he's all about. Steven has performed in the 1 st Annual Philadelphia Comedy Competition, the 1st Annual Comedy Soapbox Festival in New York City, and he's auditioned for The Aspen Comedy Festival. In 2004 Steven was selected to showcase at the national conference for APCA in Atlanta. His first comedy CD titled “This Aint Kosher” is one of the top selling comedy CD's at The Laughter Store in Los Angeles, which you can hear on a regular rotation on Sirius Satellite Radio. Steven has opened up for best selling author and comedian Greg Behrendt and comedy giants Dom Irrera, Pablo Fransisco, Bobby Slayton, Bob Saget and those are just a few. Steve Miller is a comedian on the rise and one to watch!

Here's what Montgomery Newspapers had to say about Steve:

Abington's Steve Miller headlines 'Married Men' comedy revue at Comedy Cabaret in Doylestown
By: Ron Dalton - Correspondent 04/29/2004
To the good-looking girl: "You're pretty good looking!"

To the guy next to her: "So, is that your wife?"

The guy: "My daughter."


And that's how the first part of comedian Steve Miller's hilarious CD "That Ain't Kosher" starts. Actually, it's merely a routine warm-up (edited for newspaper readership!).

Steve Miller's soul-baring, cringingly humorous comedic style has been honed and perfected all over the country, at such places as the Ice House in Pasadena and the Comedy Loft in Columbus, Georgia. He got his start, though, at the infamous Comedy Club in L.A.

He takes as his subject matter his invaluable experience as the son of Jewish parents and the devoted husband of his Catholic spouse - a treasure trove of laugh-a-minute mayhem right there!

Steve Miller calls himself "the Funny Jew" simply because ... he's a funny Jew! He'll take cracks at his audience while seamlessly telling his life story along the way; in this regard, it appears that Miller is writing his own autobiography every time he touches the microphone.

As you'll see in Miller's first solo comedy CD "This Ain't Kosher," it's understandable that when he's finished, the audience still wishes he were on the microphone. "That's one of the great lessons," Miller openly admits, "that in comedy, tragedy plus timing always equals truth." This is a formula mastered by a man who first realized the appreciation of an audience's laughter on a school stage, yet it wasn't until he was past college that he realized comedy was the thing for him.
"When you've only got one life to live, you do what you want to do," Miller admits, only adding to his easygoing yet brutally humorous approach, both in and out of the glare of a spotlight. Miller takes his craft and displays it for the world to see, whether live or updating his Web site commentary to just writing every day in his journal, taking in everything around him, from the dysfunctional yet lovable ramblings of his Jewish mother to watching the war on TV and pointing out the overbearing media constantly trying to get our attention. That's how Miller gets his audience's attention, by letting us laugh while we're being captivated with his outlook on life ... which might sound suspiciously like our own.
The "Funny Jew" Steve Miller has to be heard to be believed. To do that, you can log on to his Web site at www.stevemillercomedy.com, or you can purchase his new CD by calling (818) 385-0652, or try going to www.laughterstore.com.
Better yet ... why not see Steve Miller yourself? You can catch him live when he performs alongside fellow comedian and good friend Eric Roth on the "Married Men of Comedy," which you can savor May 7 at the Comedy Cabaret in Doylestown.

Steve Miller,
Eric Roth & Andy Nolan,
"The Married Men of Comedy,"
will perform
at Comedy Cabaret atop Poco's,
625 N. Main St., Doylestown,
Friday, May 7, 9 p.m.
Tickets: $15.
Info: (215) 345-5653.

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